English Major


Undergraduate English Majors, Commencement, Spring 2014


The English major has been designed by the English department faculty with three purposes in mind:  1) to give students an overview of the history and variety of literature written in English; 2) to use the critical study of language and literature to help students think carefully and express themselves well; and 3) to introduce students to the debates about literature and culture that shape our intellectual lives and our national and global conversations. Our hope is that our graduates will enter the world with the sophistication, critical acumen, and sympathy born of wide reading and the skills needed to carry their convictions into action, no matter what line of work they pursue.   

The English major requires a total of 36 credits beyond the University Fundamental Studies requirements, which are ENGL 101 and ENGL 391-95. If you would like to declare the major, contact the English Undergraduate Studies Office at (301) 405-3825 or visit us in 1128 Tawes Hall.

Student may also add English as their second or third major. Find our more about double majoring in English or the specific English-Education double major.

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