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English Education Fall 2019 Boilerplate 

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Summer 2016


  • English and English Education Boilerplate, Summer 2016
Course Title Section Instructor
CMLT270 Global Literature and Social Change WB11
CMLT275 World Literature by Women WB21
ENGL101 Academic Writing 0101
ENGL101 Academic Writing 0201
ENGL101 Academic Writing 0501
ENGL101 Academic Writing WB11
ENGL101 Academic Writing WB12
Douglas Kern
ENGL101 Academic Writing WB21
ENGL101 Academic Writing WB22
ENGL101 Academic Writing XA21
ENGL234 African-American Literature and Culture WB21
ENGL245 Film Form and Culture WB11
ENGL245 Film Form and Culture WB21
ENGL256 Fantasy Literature WB21
ENGL257 Children's Literature WB11
ENGL265 Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Literatures WB21
ENGL271 Writing Poems and Stories: An Introductory Workshop WB11
ENGL304 The Major Works of Shakespeare WB21
ENGL312 Romantic to Modern British Literature WB11
ENGL327 The Suburbs in American Literature and Film WB21
ENGL348G Literary Works by Women; Jane Austen: Novels, Films, Adaptations WB11
ENGL359F Special Topics in Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Literatures; Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Film and Video WB21
ENGL375 J.R.R. Tolkien: Middle-earth and Beyond WB21
ENGL388P Writing Internship; Pre-professional Writing Skills Internship WB21
ENGL391 Advanced Composition 0102
ENGL391 Advanced Composition 0107
ENGL391 Advanced Composition 0201
ENGL391 Advanced Composition WB21
ENGL393 Technical Writing 0101
ENGL393 Technical Writing 0102
ENGL393 Technical Writing 0108
ENGL393 Technical Writing 0112
ENGL393 Technical Writing 0202
ENGL393 Technical Writing 0206
ENGL393 Technical Writing 0209
Instructor: TBA
ENGL393 Technical Writing WB11
ENGL393 Technical Writing WB12
ENGL393 Technical Writing WB13
Phillip Moses
ENGL393 Technical Writing WB21
ENGL393 Technical Writing WB22
ENGL393 Technical Writing WB23
Pamela Orel
ENGL394 Business Writing 0101
ENGL394 Business Writing 0202
ENGL394 Business Writing WB11
ENGL394 Business Writing WB12
ENGL394 Business Writing WB21
ENGL394 Business Writing WB22
ENGL395 Writing for Health Professions WB11
John Matthews
ENGL433 American Literature: 1914 to the Present, the Modern Period WB11
Katherine Stanutz
ENGL452 English Drama From 1660 to 1800 HY11
ENGL623 Readings in Eighteenth-Century English Literature HY11
ENGL679 Professional and Career Mentoring for Master's Students 0201
Instructor: TBA
ENGL898 Pre-Candidacy Research 0201
Instructor: TBA