Online Student Success Orientation

The Online Student Success Orientation is a one hour, ELMS-based tutorial that explores interaction strategies and best practices for students enrolled in a course whose content is fully or mostly online.  The free, self-paced, non-credit tutorial walks students through suggested preparations for starting out strong during the first week of class, staying on top of things through the following weeks, and regrouping if they are negatively impacted by pitfalls common to online learning. Students who review all of the content can receive a certificate of completion.

Students can enroll in this free tutorial through the Canvas Catalog using their directory id credentials. Once enrolled in the course, OSSO will appear in a student’s Courses list after logging into ELMS. Learn more here:

Summer 2011

Course Title Section Instructor
CMLT270 Global Literature and Social Change WB21
CMLT498L Sexuality in the Cinema 0201
ENGL101 Academic Writing General
ENGL205 Introduction to Shakespeare WB21
ENGL212 English Literature: 1800 to the Present 0201
ENGL221 American Literature: Beginning to 1865 0101
ENGL222 American Literature: 1865 to Present FF61
ENGL243 Introduction to Poetry 0201
ENGL250 Introduction to Literature by Women WB11
ENGL278E Global Literature and Social Change WB21
ENGL278W Literature in a Wired World WB11
ENGL278W Literature in a Wired World WB21
ENGL301 Critical Methods in the Study of Literature 0101
ENGL304 The Major Works of Shakespeare: Power, Sorcery, and Forbidden Love 0201
ENGL329B English Literature on Film in the Twenty-First Century WB11
ENGL329C Sexuality in the Cinema 0201
ENGL346 Twentieth Century Fiction 0101
ENGL348C Literary Works by Women: Science Fiction 0101
ENGL362 Caribbean Literature in English WB11
ENGL379L Introduction to the Graphic Novel WB11
ENGL388 Writing Internship: Pre-Professional Writing Skills Internship 0201
ENGL391 Advanced Composition General
ENGL392 Legal Writing General
ENGL393 Technical Writing General
ENGL393X Technical Writing General
ENGL394 Business Writing General
ENGL395 Writing for Health Professions General
ENGL398V Writing about the Environment General
ENGL429 Independent Research in English General
ENGL433 Modern American Literature: Aesthetic and Historical Encounters, 1900-1945 0201
ENGL452 English Drama from 1660 to 1800 0101
ENGL462 Folksong and Ballad 0201
ENGL495 Independent Study in Honors General