Winter 2019 Boilerplate

Summer 2010

Course Title Section Instructor
CMLT270 Global Literature and Social Change 101
CMLT498L Sexuality in the Cinema 201
ENGL101 Academic Writing General
ENGL101B Academic Writing General
ENGL205 Introduction to Shakespeare 101
ENGL212 English Literature: 1800 to the Present 201
ENGL222 American Literature: 1865 to Present FF61
ENGL243 Introduction to Poetry 201
ENGL301 Critical Methods in the Study of Literature 201
ENGL312 Romantic to Modern British Literature 101
ENGL313 American Literature 101
ENGL346 Twentieth Century Fiction 201
ENGL348T Literary Works by Women: Women's Novels at the Movies 101
ENGL379R Sexuality in the Cinema 201
ENGL384 Concepts of Grammar 101
ENGL388P Writing Internship: Pre-Professional Writing Skills Internship--Online 201
ENGL391 Advanced Composition General
ENGL392 Legal Writing General
ENGL393 Technical Writing General
ENGL393X Technical Writing General
ENGL394 Business Writing General
ENGL395 Writing for Health Professions General
ENGL398N Writing for Non-Profit Organizations General
ENGL404 Shakespeare: The Later Works 201
ENGL429 Independent Research/Study in English General
ENGL433 American Literature: 1914 to the Present, the Modern Period 101
ENGL452 English Drama from 1660 to 1800 101
ENGL462 Folksong and Ballad 201
ENGL495 Independent Study in Honors General
ENGL623 Readings in Eighteenth-Century English Literature 101
ENGL629 Readings in Folklore and Folklife: Folksong and Ballad 201
ENGL631 Readings in 20th Century American Literature 101