Scott Wible, Justin Lohr, and Heather Lindenman Win Foxworth Creative Enterprise Initiative Grant

November 18, 2014

A team consisting of Scott Wible, Justin Lohr, and Heather Lindenman won a Foxworth Creative Enterprise Initiative grant to support ENGL292/388C, Writing for Change.

From the Foxworth Creative Enterprise Initiative:

"The Foxworth Creative Enterprise Initiative is made possible by the generous support of Domonique and Ashley Foxworth, proud alumni of the College of Arts and Humanities (ARHU). The initiative reflects the Foxworths’ desire to support a learning environment that brings students in contact with their surrounding communities as community partners and allies in practices of transformation and social justice. The Foxworths are particularly interested in projects that provide students with the skills and critical thinking that support continued community engagement beyond their college career."

Scott, Justin, and Heather plan to use the grant money to set up a foundation for the Writing for Change course to keep it running for years to come. They are also improving the course in several substantial ways. According to the team's proposal, "the new version of the course moves the partnership beyond the bounds of a classroom and uses ethnographic methods to help the student teams collaboratively develop greater insight into their communities." Justin Lohr will be the instructor of record this semester and Scott Wible will be offering support.