Recent Research in Digital Pedagogy

May 3, 2017

The Faculty Research and Writing Group consisting of Lyra Hilliard, Rosser Matthews, Scott Moses, Clare Parsons, and Michelle Von Euw met throughout 2016-2017 to review work in progress.

Projects included:

  • Lyra Hilliard, “‘When youre having fun time flys’: Immediacy, Community, and Messy Writing in Synchronous Online Learning Environments”
  • Rosser Matthews, “Implementing Electronic Informed Consent: How Writing Pedagogy Can Help in the Crafting of Online Documents”
  • Scott Moses, “Teaching, Training, Academic Freedom and Online Writing”
  • Clare Parsons, “Inquiry-Based Learning: Then and Now”
  • Michelle Von Euw, “Creation Over Conversion: Implementing Peer Review in the Online Classroom”

The group anticipates continuing their conversations in 2017-2018.