Michael Olmert Lectures to Students at St. Michael's

June 4, 2015

On May 18, 2015, Michael Olmert lectured to students from the St. Michael's, MD., middle school on the material culture of the 18th Century. This was a new venture, trying to introduce kids to the joys of local history and of museums. The lecture covered the working and social lives and the tools and techniques used everyday by whites, blacks, men, women, and children in early Easton. The course was held in some original late-18th and early-19th century buildings on the Talbot Historic Society campus and in its ornamental garden, which was once a teeming out-door furniture-making operation. Topics covered were architecture, brickwork, townscape planning, food, market-days, and tools.  Olmert is a member of the board of the Talbot County Historical Society. Three other members of the board participated in the course as well.