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March 31, 2015

The Professional Writing Center has been busy the past few months. Read on to learn what they have been up to.

Ann Bracken launched her new book of poems, The Altar of Innocence, with a reading at Zü Coffee in Annapolis on Feb. 27.

Andy Delfino has a humorous essay, “How Not to Be Overwhelmed by Either Toothpaste or Triplets,” being published in the anthology What I Learned from My Mother. It comes out in March from Blue Lobster Books, just in time for Mother's Day.

Liz Fixsen played keyboard for Denee Barr at the National Aquarium in Baltimore on March 20. The show, part of the “Aquarium after Dark” series, was called “Fantasy of the Ocean—From Land to Sea—A Music, Dance, and Visual Art Journey.”

Pamela Gerhardt participated in the Third Annual College Park Book Festival on March 21. The festival is co-sponsored by the College Park Lions Club and the College Park Community Library. Pam was displaying her award-winning book, Lucky That Way.

In addition to teaching Technical Writing for PWP for 30 years, Connie Inukai is an inventor! She reports, “I invented Tip ’n Split™ because "every time I go out to dinner with friends, all Baby Boomers, we have to pass around reading glasses to see the menu and bill. We also look around the restaurant for some light. We usually end up using the flashlight on someone's smart phone. (Hate to tell you, but this will probably happen to you as you get older.) Then after an enjoyable meal, the bill comes, and we go from ‘fun mode’ to ‘math mode.’ Now, we can certainly all do the calculations in our heads, but it is much more fun to let Tip ’n Split™ do the work.” Her invention magnifies the menu and bill, provides light, and easily calculates the tip, the total, and each person’s share. The device is being sold exclusively on Connie’s website is

Jonathan Rick was quoted on baseball player Alex Rodriguez’s apology in the Huffington Post  and on the Pope's marketing strategies in the Wall Street Journal.

Kelly Cresap guest-lectured at the Honors College "Breaking Bad" seminar on March 31. Kelly read from the book he is writing about the show as a lead-in to a discussion that also considered what poet Walt Whitman is doing in the series.

Pamela Gerhardt will be reading at the Citylit Festival in Baltimore, May 2, at 1:30 pm.

Tyler Mills, former PWP instructor and former assistant director of the Writing Center, recently had a poem accepted by the New Yorker.