Announcing the Winners of the 2015 Jiménez-Porter Literary Prize

March 24, 2015

Congratulations to the winners of the 2015 Jiménez-Porter Literary Prize!

Prose Awards
Initial Reader:  Shira Levenson.  Final Judge: Pamela Painter.

1st Place:      Anna Bella Sicilia for “On Fixing”   
2nd Place:     Reis Vance for “Squirrels and Flowers” and “Memory Plays”         
3rd Place:      Lyla Lawless for “Remission”

Finalists in alphabetical order:
Genna Godley for “Skin,”  Kathryn Mayer for “Abandoned Houses,” Rhea Ramakrishnan for “Home Depot,”  Aiyah Sibay for “Peacock,” and Ben Susman for “Bad Feelings about Morning,” and Reis Vance for “Missionary Positions.”
Poetry Awards
Initial Reader:  Dylan Bargteil.  Final Judge:  April Naoko Heck.
1st Place:      Clayton Krollman for “Nonskylessness (Ghazal)”
2nd Place:     Rhea Ramakrishnan for “Love Song in Portland, Oregon”
3rd Place:      Lenaya Stewart for “Four”
Honorable Mention:  Emily Tuttle for “Virginia Woolf”
Finalists in alphabetical order: 
Joe Antoshak for “Because You Don’t Like Reading About Things,” Elliot Frank for “La Vita Intera,” Alexandra Kindahl for “Paying for Breakfast,” Priya Krishnan for “Return” and “The Japanese Ama Women Dive to Depths of 25m In A Single Breath,” Pegah Maleki for “How to Woman,” Lenaya Stewart for “Floating After the Blessing of the Boats."
The prizewinners will read at Litfest on Thursday, May 7th at 8:00 pm in St. Mary's Hall.
Congratulations to all!