Linda Kauffman's Fulbright at the University of Groningen

February 12, 2015

Linda Kauffman was the Walt Whitman Chair of American Literature and Culture through a Senior Fulbright fellowship at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands.


Kauffman Header

Kauffman's Fulbright fellowship took place immediately following September 11th. She was invited to speak at universities in the United Kingdom, Spain, and France on the tragedy, beginning with a teach-in organized by Dutch international students on September 18th. Kauffman gave talks on terrorism in the fiction of Philip Roth and Don DeLillo.




In addition to her Fulbright, Kauffman has held many other residential fellowships in her career. They include fellowships at Emory University, UCLA's Clark Library, UC Irvine, UC Davis, and the University of Tuebingen faculty exchange with UMD.



At UCLA's Clark Library, Kauffman's archival work helped shape her first two books on epistolary fiction, as the library is a trove of 18C material and the other fellows were 18C specialists.

"At each location, I met scholars who helped me to refine my ideas. At the National Humanities Center, a classicist helped me with translations of Ovid, who was the subject of Ch.1 of my first book, Discourses of Desire," said Kauffman.