Film Lecturer Caitlin McGrath to Run Old Greenbelt Theatre

February 11, 2015

Department lecturer Caitlin McGrath will run the Old Greenbelt Theatre as a non-profit, art house movie theater.

"We are going to operate the theater as a community-based and mission-driven non-profit movie theater, with plenty of alternative content programming," said McGrath.

"This means in addition to the usual new movies at night, we will have programming for kids, outreach to the community, special events with filmmakers and academics, workshops, classes, and festivals."


Greenbelt Theatre


McGrath hopes to have a partnership with the University and has already begun to reach out to her colleagues in the film programs in English; Comparative Literature; the School of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures; as well as the Clarice Smith Center to discuss potential events they could hold at the Greenbelt Theatre, such as special screenings tied to classes or professors' research interests, or thematic programming related to events at the Clarice Smith Center. The Theatre would also like to offer internships for students interested in film exhibition or film programming practices.

McGrath is looking forward to the future of the Theatre.

"We're very excited about the future of this unique venue and look forward to partnering with UMD as we take over operations at the theater upon its reopening. See you at the movies!"