Brian Richardson: Scholar in Residence at the University of Bologna

February 6, 2015

Brian Richardson received a RASA grant for spring semester, 2014. This allowed him to be named a Scholar in Residence at the University of Bologna for that term.



At the University of Bologna (pictured below), he gave a series of lectures on “The Fate of Reading in the Twentieth Century,” including “Modernism and the Use and Abuse of Reading,” “Reading (Through) Postmodernism,” and “The Material Book from Virginia Woolf to Hyperfiction.”

An article based on his talk in Freiburg, “Social Minds, Natural and Unnatural: ‘We’ and ‘They’ Narratives in Fiction and Nonfiction,” appears in the current issue of Narrative (23.2). An expanded version of his talk, “Fictional Minds: Natural and Unnatural,” is being published in the Proceedings of the 7th Narrative Matters Conference website. Most importantly, the RASA grant allowed him to complete his book, Unnatural Narrative: Theory, History, and Practice. It will be published in May by Ohio State University Press.


university of bologna

Richardson also gave invited lectures at the University of Venice, the University of Warsaw, the University of Freiburg (Germany), and present a paper at a multidisciplinary conference on narrative at the University of Paris-Diderot.

"I was able to get so much work done and to be in weekly or daily contact with literally some of the best people in the world for discussing my work," said Richardson on the experience.