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November 18, 2014
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Alexandra Calloway has an exhibit of her photographs called “Local Colour” showing in Alexandria VA (218 N. Lee St.) through Jan. 31. Her previous exhibit, “Light Dancing,” had been displayed at the Kefa Café in Silver Spring in Oct. and early Nov.

Andy Delfino has a humorous essay forthcoming in the anthology Clash of the Couples, a collection of funny stories focusing on lovers’ quarrels and odd disagreements in relationships. Andy reports, “I write about the fight I had with my wife while on vacation and how the Wright brothers owe me a new smart phone.” The volume will be published on Nov. 3 by Blue Lobster Books.

Caleb Kriesberg's essay "What if Parson Weems Is My Hero? Engaging American History Students in a Multicultural Classroom" was published in the conference proceedings of the Society for the Interdisciplinary Study of Social Imagery. Caleb presented the essay last March at a conference on The Image of the Hero in Literature, Media, and Society. He adds, "My paper and presentations were inspired a bit by talks with Kelly Cresap and aided by meetings with the University Center for Teaching Excellence. I learned about the conference from a flyer on a bulletin board at Tawes."

Joan Mooney wrote a piece for the Society for Human Resource Management this summer about a new survey on what millennials are looking for in a job. That group includes our students, so some of the information might be useful as you teach the job application portion of your class.

Jonathan Rick’s article “11 Things You Can Do Right Now to Perfect Your Twitter Profile” was published on ClickZ, a website featuring news and advice for online advertisers.

Vanessa Wang has three news articles forthcoming in the Nov. issue of Asian Fortune, the only D.C. area Asian American magazine written in English. Her articles include the cover story on Indian writer Monica Bhide, a report on Asian Americans facing language barriers when enrolling in Obamacare, and a piece on Awesome Asian Bad Guys, a web series about Asian actors' minor roles in Hollywood movies.