How to Write a Literature Review, Thursday, November 13, 10:00 am OR 1:00 pm, Mathematics Building 1403A

November 5, 2014

How to Write a Literature Review – November 13, 2014; 10 am-12 pm OR 1 pm-3 pm, Mathematics Building 1403A

Presented by the Graduate School Writing Center and the UMD Libraries Research Commons

A literature review is a foundational academic genre, but it poses unique challenges for research and writing. This two-hour workshop focuses on approaches to preparing a literature review. Intended for graduate students currently preparing a literature review (for a course, conference presentation, prospectus, or dissertation), the session will begin with a presentation by the Libraries about strategies to conduct thorough research, followed by members of the Graduate School Writing Center offering approaches to conceptualize, organize, and draft your literature review. Because of the hands-on nature of this workshop, students should come prepared with their research questions and several sources they have identified and read.

Registration required: for 10 am-12 pm, register at; for 1 pm-3 pm, register at Please contact for more information.