Lecturer David Paglin's UMCP-AWASH in the Works

November 4, 2014

David Paglin is working on creating an English Department-based environmental/sustainability student communication/co-ordination panel -- called UMCP-AWASH (Anacostia Watershed Action for Sustainable Heritage).

The project comes out of the Office of Sustainability's Chesapeake Sustainability Project--one objective of which is to synthesize sustainability themes with curricular learning objectives.Presently, My Eng 393-Technical Writing class (PWP) is helping to create the AWASH blueprint and launch-plan.

The guiding premise: The Anacostia River is the campus's home watershed. It runs through and around the campus, and College Park; the mainstem Anacostia itself is only ten minutes away! If we want sustainable watersheds, including that of the Chesapeake Bay, we should START AT HOME -- with the Anacostia, ranked as one of the most degraded urban rivers in the United States.