Stanley Plumly's THE IMMORTAL EVENING Reviewed on NPR's Fresh Air and in the New York Times Book Review

October 28, 2014

Stanley Plumly's new book, The Immortal Evening, was reviewed on NPR's Fresh Air on Friday, and in the New York Times Book Review on Sunday. Continue reading for links to the two reviews.

"If you're a fan of poetry or meditations about art or simply curious about taking an excursion into the Romantic age, you'll want to accept your invitation to 'The Immortal Evening,' which is what critic and poet Stanley Plumly calls his profound new book about that event and its long ripple effect."

-From NPR's Fresh Air review

"In Plumly’s graceful prose and propulsive storytelling, the Romantics come alive for us as creative forces and, perhaps more remarkably, as endearing, complex, authentic individuals. Their human hearts, their tenderness, joys and fears, may provoke thoughts too deep for tears."

-From the New York Times Book Review