Announcing the Recipients of the 2014 Graduate Fellowships and Prizes

May 7, 2014

The department would like to extend its congratulations to the following recipients of various graduate fellowships and prizes!

Paul Cote: Ann Wylie Dissertation fellowship
Katherine Stanutz: Ann Wylie Dissertation fellowship

Emily Perez: Snouffer Fellowship
Nate Underland: Snouffer Fellowship

Rob Wakeman: Harman Ward Fellowship

John MacIntosh: GradSchool Summer Fellowship
Ruth Osorio: GradSchool Summer Fellowship

Isabella Cooper: Dept. Summer Fellowship
Nick Slaughter: Dept. Summer Fellowship
Amanda Visconti: Dept. Summer Fellowship

Kyle Garton-Gundling and Sarah Sillin: co-winners of Carl Bode Dissertation Prize

Jamison Kantor: Alice Geyer Dissertation Prize

Danielle Allor (M.A.): Kinnaird Essay Prize
Audrey Farley (Ph.D): Kinnaird Essay Prize

Paul Cote: Teaching Enhancement Fellowship
Elizabeth Ellis: Teaching Enhancement Fellowship
Lewis Gleich: Teaching Enhancement Fellowship
Heather Lindenman: Teaching Enhancement Fellowship
Katie Stanutz: Teaching Enhancement Fellowship