English Alumna Writes About Traveling Abroad

April 16, 2014

English alumna Mandi Schmitt’s passion to read and write is coupled with her passion to travel, which influenced her to begin writing articles for Pink Pangea (a site full of travel information written by women) and Go Overseas (a site full of opportunities abroad).

At the beginning of her time at the University of Maryland, Mandi Schmitt thought the best way to enrich her life was by making a lot of money and becoming a business major. She soon realized that her desire to “expand [her] knowledge of something [she is] passionate about” was the most important aspect of her college career, so she became an English major.

Being an English major at the University of Maryland gave Schmitt the opportunity to study abroad in both Rome and London, which she said is the first time she was able to combine her love of seeing new places with her English literature education. As an English major, Schmitt said she learned how to look deep into a novel and really think about the message an author is trying to send. She has tried replicating this in her writing about her travels to not only give a narrative about the things she did or the things she saw, but to explain what these things have taught her about life, Schmitt said.

Schmitt returned from traveling in India about a year ago, and realized two things: how much she enjoyed writing about her adventures; and that other people might find all the things she learned inspiring and helpful. She took her personal emails and blogs, which she used to communicate with friends and family, and grew them into thoughtful articles about her “crazy journeys around the earth." She began researching ways to get her writing more exposure, and through building relationships with people on travel sites, she gained practice, exposure, and opportunities that she wouldn’t have otherwise.

As a female traveler, Schmitt understands that there are more risks involved with traveling to certain places alone, which is why of the articles written, her favorites are ones informing women about the precautions they must take while traveling. Despite these risks, Schmitt said she still believes traveling is an important way to challenge yourself and continue exploring.  “Inspiring others to fulfill their travel dreams and make their lives even a little richer is my goal,” Schmitt said. “I hope I can continue to do just that through my writing.”