Jessica Enoch Awarded the 2013-2015 CCCC Research Initiative Grant

January 22, 2014

Professor Jessica Enoch was recently awarded the 2013-2014 CCCC (Conference on College Composition and Communication) Research Initiative Grant to support a critical anthology entitled “Mestiza Rhetors: An Anthology of Latina Rhetorical Activism in North America, 1880-1920,” that she is coediting with Cristina Ramírez.

Currently, there is no anthology available that focuses solely on Latina rhetors. The anthology’s intent is to bring together the primary work of understudied yet revolutionary Latina rhetors and social activists who were publishing their work in Spanish and English in various North American locations such as New Mexico, Texas, Puerto Rico, and Mexico. The project’s goal is to focus attention on Latina rhetors who forged the early feminist movement in Mexico, the US Southwest, and Puerto Rico; confronted the hypocrisies of their particular patriarchal systems; and engaged in important debates concerning education, women’s rights, and labor issues, as well as local and national politics.

As editors, Jessica and Cristina wish to introduce the rhetors and their rhetorical achievement to scholar-teachers and students by situating each rhetor in her contemporary socio-political context and then presenting selections of her primary documents. Because many of the women wrote and spoke in Spanish, Jessica and Cristina aim to translate many of the texts into English for the first time. Ultimately, they will create a bilingual anthology that offers readers access to both the Spanish and English versions of these womens’ rhetorics.

Jessica and Cristina will be announced as recipients of the grant at the 2014 CCCC Annual Convention in Indianapolis during the Opening General Session on Thursday, March 20.

Congratulations Jessica!

(Annotated from Jessica and Cristina’s proposal.)