Marilee Lindemann Gives Talk at the American Studies Association Among Other Accomplishments

November 22, 2013

Professor Marilee Lindemann recently gave a talk entitled "The Public Intellectual" Roundtable at the American Studies Association, November 2013. Keep reading for Marilee's latest news!

Additionally, in September, Marilee gave a talk at George Washington University called "Too Much of a Good Thing Is Wonderful: At Long Last, The Selected Letters of Willa Cather." The event also featured Andrew Jewell, one of the co-editors of the Cather letters. Marilee also just published a short article in Feminist Studies, in a forum on women's studies and sexuality studies, called "Building (and Rebuilding) LGBT Studies at the University of Maryland." Finally, at the faculty/staff convocation in September, Marilee received the Kirwan Undergraduate Education Award for 2013.