Professor Martha Nell Smith Delivers Emily Dickinson Lectures and Hosts Conference

November 22, 2013

Professor Martha Nell Smith delivers keynote address and lectures on Emily Dickinson. 

For a Symposium on Scholarly Editing and Archival Research at Wayne State University, Martha Nell Smith gave a keynote address, “Back to the Archives: Futures of Digital Humanities and Scholarly Editing,” in September, and in early November spoke on “Emily Dickinson, Comedienne: Who Knew?” at the National Press Club. Also in November, Smith delivered “Emily Dickinson and the ‘L’ Word: Surely She Wasn’t, You Don’t Mean. . .” on the Reputational Resources, Processes, and Histories Plenary for a Sexual Reputations Conference sponsored by the Department of Sociology, Northwestern University. Just before the fall semester began, she hosted the Emily Dickinson International Society 2013 Conference which attracted around 200 scholars from 16 countries around the world. In October, the Houghton Library and Harvard University Press Emily Dickinson Archive, for which Smith serves on the Advisory Board was published at