The Department Continues to Go Green with the Green Office Pledge

November 14, 2013

Since the publication of this article on the Green Office Pledge, The English department has continued to go green.

Recently, members of the English department signed the Green Office Pledge, promising to advocate and utilize the best environmental practices possible in the office.

The main English office (which includes faculty, staff, & TAs) had 90 signatures, and the number continues to grow as pledge signing continues. The pledge hangs in the kitchen on the wall for those who missed the initial event and still wish to sign. The Professional Writing Program reached 31 pledges, and the Writing Center, 40. From the main English office pledges, 75% are performing the actions from the Green Office checklist. Others who checked less than 75%, or 23 items from the list, are now more aware of the actions they should take, and will strive to implement more of them in their daily life at work and at home.

The department encourages more faculty, staff, lecturers, and TAs to sign the pledge, and complete what they can from the checklist in order help the department receive Bronze level certification.

The long-term goal is to have at least 75% participation. There are close to 300 people in the department and thus far,  a little over 50% have pledged. Between now and the end of the semester, the English office will be looking for signs of the implementation's impact by monitoring the following:

1. The quantity of office and kitchen supplies that are being used/reused/purchased. 

2. The quantity of old/new supplies being reused, and being shared.

3. How much technology is being used in classrooms, by how much copying is being done by faculty. 

Isabella Moulton has already seen progress and notes there was a time when she was ordering coffee cups in greater quantity and frequency, when the department first moved to Tawes in 2009. The Department stopped ordering cups and requested that faculty and staff supply their own. She is pleased that offices within the Department are happy to reuse what is already in stock instead of purchasing new items. Isabella also has noticed that the student workers are being asked to make less copy jobs, as faculty has been making the transition to PDFs in the classroom. As a result, less paper needs to be ordered.

Keep up the excellent work, English department!