Alumna Grace Aneiza Ali, Fulbright Scholar and Editorial Director

October 9, 2013

Grace Aneiza Ali, who holds a BA in English from UMD, is a Fulbright Scholar, adjunct professor at CUNY, and the founder and editorial director of OF NOTE magazine. 

Grace is the founder and editorial director of OF NOTE, an online magazine that focuses on global artists using the arts as catalyst for activism and social change.

She was recently featured and interviewed on The Scholars, where she expressed her gratitude to her professor, Zita Nunes.
Watch her interview here:

Grace also delivered a presentation, “Transformative Arts & Humanities: An Intergenerational Conversation Between E. Ethelbert Miller & Grace Aneiza Ali,” at the 36th Annual Fulbright Association Conference. 

Congratulations on your accomplishments, Grace!