Foxworth Creative Enterprise Initiative

September 27, 2013


English alumna funds new initiative addressing social issues affecting underrepresented communities.

A new initiative, sponsored by the College of Arts and Humanities, works to address social issues affecting underrepresented communities on the University of Maryland campus or in the Baltimore-Washington metropolitan area. The Foxworth Creative Enterprise Initiative provides a model for the use of the humanities as a major tool in addressing issues of concern to marginalized groups. Grants are awarded to faculty who create courses, using one or more fields in the humanities, to collaboratively address social problems with an underrepresented community. These courses will give students the chance to expand the classroom and make a difference by directly engaging in social empowerment.

"Social problems do not belond to any one person or group of people, they belong to all of us. Our hope is that his Initiative helps students to see this big picture and their role in making a difference."The initiative is made possible by English alumna Ashley Foxworth and her husband Domonique Foxworth, another alumnus of the university. Both of them, through their own experiences with the humanities, have enhanced the lives of groups dealing with significant social issues. Ashley used her English degree to teach 9th- and 10th- grade English as a part of Teach For America in Washington D.C., while Domonique has improved the lives of urban youth through programs helping to teach teens how to write and develop intellectual skills for lifelong success. For more information on how this recently graduated couple has used their humanities degrees to tackle societal issues, visit

We would like to thank the Foxworths for their generosity to the university and their efforts at social transformation.