Matthew Kirschenbaum Invited to Speak on Panels and Appears Online in Slate

April 28, 2013

Matthew Kirschenbaum was invited to speak at many conferences, including a talk at Beinecke Library's 50th anniversary conference and a Presidental panel at MLA. An excerpt from Matthew's book in progress also appeared online in Slate.

This spring, Matthew Kirschenbaum spoke by invitation at the Beinecke Library's 50th anniversary conference, "Beyond the Text: Literary Archives in the 21st Century," as well as at the "Emergent Forms" Electronic Literature Showcase at the Library of Congress. Other invited talks this past spring included McGill University, Concordia University, and NYU. In January, he was part of the Presidential panel, "Avenues of Access," at MLA. In March, an excerpt from his current book in progress appeared online in Slate as, "The Book-Writing Machine: What Was the First Novel Written with a Word Processor?"