English 101 Students to Showcase Digital Research Projects as Part of Undergraduate Research Day

May 1, 2013

Congratulations to seven of Justin Lohr's former ENGL 101 students who are participating in the University's Undergraduate Research Day on Wednesday, May 1.

Students--Wadiah Akbar, Alice Chang, Deanna Rubin, Leo Traub, Navid Ashari Astani, Hiroshi Furuya, and Tarika Sankar--participated in a Digital Transformations Workshop that met weekly this spring with the goal of adapting their scholarly research projects from written form to digital or multimodal forms that might be more accessible to audiences.

With funding made possible by a grant from the Center for Literary and Comparative Studies and pedagogical guidance provided by Justin Lohr and Travis Webster, these students will showcase new methods of presentation on the following topics: nonmedical use of prescription drugs by college students, the benefits of incorporating blended learning into the classroom, the effect of anonymity and incivility on online news, the potential (or not) of hybrid journalism to save newspapers, the value of citizen journalism, and the role of the media in perpetuating and/or contesting Islamophobia. For more information on their presentations, please contact Justin Lohr at jlohr@umd.edu or Travis Webster at twebste2@umd.edu.