News from the Professional Writing Department

March 11, 2013

Lots going on in PWP!

Alexandra Calloway was featured in two articles in local newspaper The Gazette ( The articles discussed Alexandra’s role as chair of the PTO’s art committee in helping to improve arts education at Heather Hills Elementary School.

Robin Earnest was recently selected to the Criminal Justice Act Panel for the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit. As a panel member, she may be called upon to write appellate briefs on behalf of convicted felony offenders for whom appointment of counsel is required.

Pamela Gerhardt's narrative nonfiction book, tentatively titled Girl with Green Hair (in landscape), will be published next fall by the University of Missouri Press. Girl With Green Hair highlights the aftermath of her father’s debilitating stroke and the triumphs and mishaps as he and his five adult children struggle—often humorously—to manage his life and find meaning. One reader at the Missouri Press said, “The author vividly renders the events with many well-chosen details, and the manuscript displays a terrific eye and a nice ear for dialogue. These techniques, along with a good deal of lively humor, help to brighten what could be a depressing story.” For more information, see Pam’s blog at

Stewart Foehl, under the pen name "Stewart Lewis," has published two young adult novels on Delacorte Press (Random House). The first title, You Have Seven Messages, was published last year and has since been sold to four countries. It was also an ALA "Quick Pick for Young Adults." A second title, The Secret Ingredient, will be released in June of this year.