New SPENSER REVIEW and Marshall Grossman

February 1, 2013

Editor David Miller dedicates the inaugural on-line edition of THE SPENSER REVIEW to Marshall Grossman.

"SPENSER_REVIEWIn Memoriam, Marshall Grossman, October 24, 1947-March 29, 2011" is available here. It features "Spenser in Conversation: Marshall Grossman on The Faerie Queene," a retrospective by Graham Hammill on Grossman's sustained engagement with The Faerie Queene; two conference papers by Grossman, "Mimetic Verisimilitude and Poetic Truth in Book II of The Faerie Queene" and "Spenser's Middle Voice: The Grammar of Jouissance in Book III of The Faerie Queene"; and an overview of the efforts of friends and colleauges to edit for publication the work Grossman left behind.