CLCS Awards 14 Grants!

November 30, 2012

The first round of CLCS grants have been awarded to undergraduate and graduate students, staff, faculty, and lecturers.

CLCS awards 14 program grantsThe initiatives listed below were selected through a review process involving the steering committee.  We look forward to the contributions that these events will make to the intellectual life of the department and thank the applicants for their efforts.

These projects support the Center’s theme, “Circuits and Circulation”:
1.     Graduate Student/Invited Faculty Writing Workshop (Sarah Sillin for the Organizing Committee)
2.     Workshop on Service Learning (Zahara Heckscher for the Professional Writing Program)
3.     “Law, Literature, and the Arab World” Lecture Series (Sheila Lelwani for the Professional Writing Program)
4.     Talk by Skip Elsheimer and Screening of Nontheatrical Cinema (Oliver Gaycken for the Graduate Film Board)
5.     “Nonhuman Humanities” Reading Group (Rob Wakeman for NHRG)
6.     “(Dis)realities and the Literary and Cultural Imagination” Conference (Uchechi Okereke-Beshel and Sarah Bonnie for the Graduate English Organization)
7.     “James Joyce, Modernism, and Modern Ireland” Mini-Symposium (Brian Richardson for the Modernist Area Group)
8.     “Undergraduates Present at the Mid-Atlantic Writing Centers Association Conference” (Leigh Ryan for the Writing Center)
9.     “Encuentros con Junot Díaz” Undergraduate Reading Group, (Nathan Dize for the Latin American Studies Students Association)

These projects were in keeping with the guidelines and foster the intellectual community of the department:
10. Invisible Man, playing at the Studio Theater in Washington DC (Mandy Lowman and Josh Ro for the ENGL 433 class)
11. Tickets to Metamorphoses, playing at the Arena Stage in Washington, DC. (Isabella Moulton for the English Department Staff)
12. “Writers Dead and Gone” (English Undergraduate Association)
13. Paper Shell Review: An Undergraduate Journal of Critical Essays on Literary Topics (Jamie Lee for the Undergraduate Board)
14. Undergraduate TA and Lecturer Pedagogy Reading Group (Linda Macri for Academic Writing and the Undergraduate TA Program)