Tita Chico Recognized at the Inaugural Maryland Research Excellence Celebration

March 6, 2019

Professor Tita Chico was recognized at the Inaugural Maryland Research Excellence Celebration, at The Hotel on February 28.

2019.03.06: Provost awards Professor Chico Honors for Research

At this celebration, the Dean and the Provost honored those faculty who have demonstrably elevated the visibility and reputation of the University of Maryland Research Enterprise through: 

  • Research finding that is both highly-cited and transformative to their field 
  • Research achievement with demonstrable societal impact, such as change in policy, major external press coverage 
  • Recognition by national or international group 
  • Research published in a renowned scholarly journal or publication in their field 
  • Selection for award for a funding competition with limited submissions 
  • Selection for a Division of Research Tier 1/New Directions award 
  • Recipient of significant external research funding from a federal funding agency, foundation, corporation, non-profit, national laboratory, medical center, or other entity

Read more at this link: https://research.umd.edu/news/news_story.php?id=12011