Martha Nell Smith Delivers Keynote Addresses

September 30, 2012

Martha Nell Smith delivered two keynote addresses in August.

“Emily Rocks: Those Bells won’t ‘cool My Tramp’” kicked off the Emily Rocks Emily Dickinson International Society Annual Meeting in Cleveland at Case Western Reserve University on August 3, 2012. On July 31, Smith, along with Gary Stonum (Case Western) and Kevin Dettmar (Pomona College) was interviewed by Dee Perry, WCPN 90.3 Ohio Public Radio.  You can listen to the interview at “All day brain food.”

On August 31, Smith opened the Scholarly Editions and the Digital Age: Text and Music Interdisciplinary Workshop with “The Foundations and the Futures of Digital Humanities and Scholarly Editing.” The conference was organized by the Medieval Studies Institute and the Jacobs School of Music’s Center for the History of Music Theory and Literature, Indiana University.