Daniel Pendick Named Executive Editor of Harvard Men's Health Watch

September 11, 2012

In March, Professional Writing Program lecturer Daniel Pendick became the executive editor of Harvard Men's Health Watch, a monthly consumer health newsletter published by Harvard Medical School and the Belvoir Media Group.

The 8-page periodical publishes men's health news and advice in collaboration with physician-researchers at Harvard Medical School and its 17 affiliated hospitals and clinics in the Boston area. Dan is also a regular contributor to the Harvard Health Blog (www.health.harvard.edu/blog). To complement his work with Harvard, Dan also launched two new social media venues, the "Medicine Man Dan" Facebook Group (www.facebook.com/groups/medmandan) and a ScoopIt site, "Men's Health in the Medical Journals" (www.scoop.it/t/men-s-health-in-the-medical-journals/curate). He enjoys sharing his daily rhetorical challenges and deadline stress with his students in ENGL-395, "Writing for the Health Professions." To avoid the traffic on Rt. 95 between Washington and Boston, Dan telecommutes to the medical school from his home in Ellicott City, Maryland.