Rebecca Borden, Peter Mallios, and Jennifer Wellman on "Transnational Conrad"

September 10, 2012

Rebecca Borden, Peter Mallios, and Jennifer Wellman collectively wrote "American Women Reading Conrad, 1900-1940: An Overview," which will appear in a special issue of Studia Neophilologica on "Transnational Conrad" in November 2012. 

Borden's individual essay "Conrad as Provocation: The Case of Elia Peattie"; Wellman's individual essay "Conrad as Cultural Capital: The Case of Fanny Butcher"; and Mallios' "Democracy of Difference: Mary Austin Reading Conrad" also appear in this issue. The three writers conceived this project together in part through their involvement on the executive editorial board of the digital Foreign Literatures in America project ( Borden, Mallios, and Wellman are at present collectively writing the introduction and notes for the Cambridge scholarly edition of Conrad's Tales of Hearsay.