John and Anne Long Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Endowment

February 22, 2018

John J. Long and Anne C. Long, Ph.D., give $100,000 to the Department to enhance students' education by recognizing, rewarding, and supporting faculty as they develop curricular and pedagogical best practices. 

In making this gift to our department, their wish is to support those who teach what they understand to be the two most crucial skills in life--critical thinking and the ability to write well.  The careful and compelling imparting of these skills that John has found in courses he has taken with the Department of English has enriched his life and confirmed for him and Anne that public college education should be accessible. 

Their desire is that faculty who to teach with intelligence and passion should be supported. Their hope is that future undergraduates from all backgrounds will be inspired by the outstanding professors in English Department at the University of Maryland.

John Long has already recognized the English Department for its rigorous and imaginative teaching with the John Long Innovative Teaching Award.