Joshua Weiner's Latest Publications!

February 6, 2018

Some of Joshua Weiner's "Trumpoems" showed up in Lana Turner, the journal edited by Calvin Bedient, as well as in Tikkun magazine, and the journal, Scoundrel Time, which can be viewed here.

His poem, "City of Refuge: John Fahey" was reprinted in the "2018 MLA Collection: States of Insecurity" and is one of the most read pieces on the website of the ALSCW; it can be viewed here.

His essay, "LOY GUNN CUPID," about the connections through the figure of Cupid between Mina Loy and Thom Gunn, can be downloaded from the website of the American Book Review, where it first appeared, and which you can find here.

A personal essay about writing poems was invited by the Canadian poet, rob mclennan, and can be found on his website here.

His review of Anthony Madrid's new book, Try Never, appeared in Chicago Review, and can be found here.

His essay on the Polish poet, Tadeusz Dabrowski, appears as an afterword in the latest English translation, Posts, published in the fall by Zephyr Press.