Students Learn about the Free State’s Literary History in Randy Ontiveros’ Literary Maryland Course

March 3, 2017

Students in Randy Ontiveros’ Literary Maryland course recently made the trip to the Riversdale House Museum in nearby Riverdale, MD.

Throughout the semester, students in Ontiveros' seminar (Literary Maryland / ENGL142) encounter a range of literary forms from plays to fiction to poetry to epistolary forms. Their study begins in the colonial era and moves through post-Revolutionary and antebellum Maryland. In the second half of the course, students examine literature from Maryland’s post-Civil War period up to our own time. The course allows students to explore the history of Maryland through a literary lens, supplemented by trips like the one to the Riversdale House Museum.

The Riversdale Mansion is a Federal style manor house, constructed between 1801 and 1807. The museum displays a collection of Rosalie Calvert’s letters, which are among several archival records and archaeological materials that provide modern-day visitors personal accounts of the period.








The Riversdale Mansion