Department Holds Annual Welcome Assembly

September 8, 2016

The English Department hosted its annual Welcome Assembly on September 7th. Faculty, staff, and students gathered to hear introductions, announcements, and news of plans for the year ahead. Following the formal program in Ulrich Hall was a brunch reception on the third floor patio.

During the formal reception in Ulrich Hall, department chair Amanda Bailey's speech emphasized the department as a community and announced the Linda Kauffman Endowed Scholarship for English Majors and the Linda Kauffman Endowed Disseration Summer Research Award. Linda Kauffman joined Amanda Bailey on stage and spoke to the struggles she faced as an undergraduate student, which inspired the inception of the two scholarships. Read more on the endowments here.

Later, during a brunch beautifully organized by the main office's Isabella Moulton, the program directors took time to introduce the new faculty, staff, and graduate students of each respective program or office.

Thank you to all who attended and organized this event!

To view the program from the event, which includes new faculty, staff, and graduate student bios, click here.