Joshua Weiner Published in POETRY, THE THREEPENNY REVIEW

September 7, 2016

Joshua Weiner's Berlin Notebook, prose about the refugee crisis, will be published this fall by the Los Angeles Review of Books. An outtake from it appeared in the summer issue of The Threepenny Review. Keep reading to learn more.

His essay on Anne Winters' poem, 'The Displaced of Capital,' appeared in Tikkun magazine's 30th anniversary issue.

His translation of Austrian poet, Ernst Jandl's series, 'the usual rilke, appeared in the July/August translation issue of Poetry.
His review of German poet, Lutz Seiler's book, in field latin, appeared on the Poetry Foundation website. The book has been translated into English by MFA alum, Alexander Booth, who received a PEN Translation grant for his work on Seiler.