Submit Your Copy of Your Fall 2016 Syllabus!

August 25, 2016

FALL 2016 Syllabus and Office Hour Submissions: Attention ALL Faculty, Lecturers and TAs teaching 200 and above literature and/or CMLT courses. If you have not already done so, please submit a copy of your Syllabus for FALL 2016.

In an effort to ease this process for everyone, you can either submit your course syllabus to: or email it to

Online submissions are helpful to allow those needing Syllabi information access.The Main English Office also keeps hardcopies for students' access who need to finalize their class schedule as well as former students needing to transfer credits. Our records of Syllabi have also been a useful tool for new T.A.'s as a guide to develop their own Syllabi.

Also, if you're a faculty, OR your office is located on the 3rd floor please submit office hours for SPRING 2016 on the above English website.   

Your cooperation is very much appreciated.