Lee Konstantinou Reviewed in Dissent Mag, Politics / Letters, Publishes Articles in Salon, Slate

June 28, 2016

Lee Konstantinou's Cool Characters: Irony and American Fiction has been reviewed by Dissent Magazine and Politics / Letters. He has also published articles in Salon and Slate this past semester.

Click here to read Maggie Doherty's review of Cool Characters: Irony and American Fiction in Dissent. (Subscription required.)

Ben Parker's review in Politics / Letters says:

"Konstantinou’s book purposes both to historicize and to cure this agitated quietude, to provide 'a historical sense of the changing political fortunes of countercultural irony, a sense of why irony took on and lost political significance in the twentieth and now the twenty-first centuries' (288)."

In Salon, Konstantinou published an article titled "We had to get beyond irony: How David Foster Wallace, Dave Eggers and a new generation of believers changed fiction." Click here to read.

His article in Slate is titled, "“Fartcopter” Has the Answer," in response to Adult Swim's 2014 Infomercial Series. Click here to read.

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