Michael Olmert Lectures at St. Michael's Museum, Among Other News

May 11, 2016

On March 20, Michael Olmert lectured at the annual meeting of the St. Michael's (Maryland) Museum. His topic was the history, architecture, and social dynamics of "Marketplaces in Eighteenth Century Britain and Colonial America." Both St. Michael's and the (Talbot) county town, Easton, had such iconic and socially important buildings.

As part of the University's "Shakespeare 400" semester, Olmert directed his students in staged-readings of two modern plays with Shakespeare connections. On March 30, in Ulrich Recital Hall, the play was Harold Brenton's "Anne Boleyn" (2010). And on April 20, also in Ulrich, the play was "The Herbal Bed" (1996), by Peter Whelan (a play about Shakespeare's daughter Susanna Hall).           

On April 1, Olmert was on a panel, with Prof. Judy Hallett and Dr. Steven Rojcewicz of Maryland, discussing "Thornton Wilder and Classical Drama" at the Comparative Drama Association in Baltimore.