Oliver Gaycken Gives Talk at Cambridge University, Among Other News

December 9, 2015
In September, Oliver Gaycken gave a talk, “Cinema’s Plasticity: The Embryological Series and Animation,” at the Reproduction on Film Conference, which was hosted by the Department of History and Philosophy of Science, at Cambridge University, UK. Keep reading ot learn more.
In October, he gave a public lecture about Billy Wilder’s The Apartment (1960) at the Avalon Theater in DC.
In December, Gaycken will be in Frankfurt for the conference “Films that Work: The Circulations of Industrial Cinema,” where he will present a paper, “Pouring, Welding, Pulverizing, etc.: Cataloguing the Movements and Behaviors of Materials in the Encyclopedia Cinematographica’s Technical Science Collection,” which is drawn from my current book project on the motion-picture encyclopedia. 
Also, Gaycken received a RASA award, which he will take in the spring of 2017, to support the book project.