Danuta Hinc Presents at South Central MLA Annual Conference

December 9, 2015

 Danuta Hinc presented a paper at the 2015 South Central MLA Annual Conference in Nashville, Tennessee in October. The paper, titled, “The Limits of Losing: The Silence in the Second Language,” discussed Eva Hoffman's, "Lost in Translation," Herta Müller's, "The King Bows and Kills," and Vladimir Nabokov's, "Speak, Memory."

The paper explored what it means to live on the peripheries of history, political systems, and language, and what are the spaces we inhabit to preserves our identity. From the perspectives of those three memoirs the paper focused on survival through metaphors and memories, and defined multiple approaches to how identity can shift between the personal and the popular, between language and silence, between the sacred and the forbidden.