Department Hosts Successful Petrou Residency with Sianne Ngai

October 28, 2015

On October 22nd through 23rd, Sianne Ngai of Stanford University visited the Department as the 2015 Petrou lecturer.

From Department Chair Kent Cartwright:

"A large crowd attended her Thursday lecture on gimmicks, and large numbers also participated in her seminars on Thursday and Friday.  All who attended found these events engaging and provocative.  Professor Ngai, as I understand, enjoyed her time here very much.  Special thanks go to Orrin Wang, director of the Center for Literary and Comparative Studies, for overseeing this event.  Thanks also go to Karen Nelson, associate director of the center, who helped with the planning; to Lee Konstantiou, who introduced Professor Ngai’s talk and helped to make her feel welcome; to Isabella Moulton, who supervised the reception, aided by graduate assistants Pierce Brown and Micaela Cameron; and to Bill Cohen who first proposed bringing Sianne Ngai as a Petrou lecturer."