Maud Casey Awarded 2015 St. Francis College Literary Prize

September 24, 2015

Maud Casey is the 2015 recipient of the St. Francis College Literary Prize for her highly praised novel, The Man Who Walked Away.









The St. Francis Prize, which began in 2009, is awarded bianually  to a mid-career author to honor a third, fourth, or fifth book of fiction. Casey won for her much praised third novel The Man Who Walked Away. Jurors lauded Maud’s novel for its lyrical yet sometimes “hardnosed” sentences, for its research, and for its structure. Author Geraldrine Brooks, in the New Yorker, commends Casey, writing: "[Casey's] new book is so richly engaged with language, so profligate with glorious sentences, that at times the prose ascends to the level of poetry. This is a writer who pays a deep, sensual attention to the world."


The prize was announced at the opening gala of the 10th Annual Brooklyn Book Festival. The St. Francis College Literary Prize also comes with huge, stuffed bags of cash.  You can read more here.


In the meantime, join us in congratulating Maud Casey for her well-deserved achievement!