Department Website now has Green Office Program Page!

September 2, 2015

The Department has added a Green Office Program page to the website, located under the "Administration" tab.

Click here to view.

In addition, please follow through with the Department's initiative and  submit their syllabi to students and MEO staff for our records.  We will have a different initiative periodically, and to please keep checking this site.  We want to sustain, renew our Bronze Certificate by Oct. 27, 2015 when it expires, and look forward to take the Department to the next level of Silver Certification, we need your continued cooperation, and support for this to happen.  Please be mindful of your environment and be part of the community at the University of Maryland.  While you're at the GO site, please check out all the links for upcoming events in the Green Office Program and Sustainability, you will be happy you did!