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November 18, 2014
Lecturer Jonathan Rick delivered a guest lecture on the art and science of headline writing at Georgetown University's School of Continuing Studies. He also addressed the board of directors of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation on the subject of social media.
December 22, 2012
On Thursday, November 8, Professor Theresa Coletti delivered her Distinguished Scholar-Teacher lecture, “Medieval Women, Mary Magdelene, and Me,” to an admiring audience of colleagues, students, and friends.
December 21, 2012
Brian Richardson’s article, “Unnatural Narratatology: Basic Concepts and Recent Work,” appears in DIEGESIS: Interdisziplinäres E-Journal für Erzählforschung I.1 (2012). He was interviewed by Shang Biwu for the current issue of Foreign Language Studies (Beijing). His co-authored essay, “Unnatural Voices,” (with Jan Alber and Henrik Skov Nielsen), was just published in The Routledge Companion to Experimental Literature. “What is Unnatural about Unnatural Narratology? A Response to Monika Fludernik” (with Jan Alber, Stefan Iversen, and Henrik Skov Nielsen), appears in the current issue of the journal Narrative. His article, “Narrations non naturelles, théorie non naturelle,” is being published online. In January he steps down from the position of president of the Joseph Conrad Society of America.
December 21, 2012
Jane Donawerth's most recent book, Conversational Rhetoric: The Rise and Fall of a Women's Tradition, 1600 to 1900, published last year by Southern Illinois University Press, will be issued in paperback this spring. She has recently been invited to join the Editorial Board of The Norton Anthology of Rhetoric and Writing, edited by Andrea Lunsford and Susan Jarratt. With her (and Ralph Bauer's) former PhD student, Rebecca Lush, and with Albert Rabil of the University of North Carolina as P.I., she has participated in a winning NEH grant for several volumes of "The Other Voice" Series; she and Rebecca are coediting selections by the seventeenth-century Quaker Margaret Fell. Her article on "Bianca: the Other African in Shakespeare's Othello," is forthcoming in April from Routledge in a festscrift for Judy Hallett. Her article on cytology and Katherine MacLean's science fiction is in press at Wesleyan University Press. Her article on "Negotiating Conflicting Views of Women and Elocution" will appear next year in a collection of essays from Routledge on Rhetoric, History, and Women's Oratorical Education.
December 20, 2012
Peter Mallios has been awarded the Adam Gillon Prize from the Joseph Conrad Society of America for best book written on Conrad from 2009-2011. His book is Our Conrad: Constituting American Modernity (2010).
December 20, 2012
On November 29, Martha Nell Smith gave an invited lecture in the Duke Americanist Speaker Series, "Who's Afraid of Susan Dickinson?"
December 6, 2012
Congratulations to Cartwright, Collier, Enoch, Harrison, Mallios, Ray, and Valiavitcharska for recent awards!
December 3, 2012
Katherine, an MFA Fiction student, recently published "Two Oceans" in the online magazine Glasschord. You can find the link here: http://www.glasschord.com/katherine-kipp/two-oceans/
December 1, 2012
Jesse Oak Taylor gave a paper entitled “Networking the Air Pollution in Our Mutual Friend” at the North American Victorian Studies Association (NAVSA) at University of Wisconsin in Madison in September. He will also be presenting at MLA in Boston this year. His paper is “Powers of Zero: Aggregation, Negation, and the Dimensions of Scale in Indra Sinha’s Animal’s People.” It will be on a panel on "World Literature and Global Health."
November 30, 2012
The first round of CLCS grants have been awarded to undergraduate and graduate students, staff, faculty, and lecturers.
November 30, 2012
On November 15, Martha Nell Smith organized and chaired a panel at the American Studies Association in San Juan, Puerto Rico, "Blogging as Public Pedagogy: A Roundtable with GayProf, Historiann, Roxie, and Tenured Radical," in which Marilee Lindemann was one of the featured participants.
November 28, 2012
Danuta Hinc was a guest speaker at The Writer's Center in Bethesda on Nov. 15. Danuta discussed the process of publishing her first novel, To Kill the Other, and working on her second book, a fictionalized memoir tentatively titled In the Forest of Angels.Zahara Heckscher received a grant for a book she is co-writing about international volunteering. Her co-author is Joseph Collins, who founded the Food First Institute with Francis Moore Lappe. Noam Chomsky called Zahara and Joseph’s previous book on this topic "informed, sensitive, and comprehensive."Ann Bracken’s poem “Marital Privilege” will be featured in the 2013 anthology Women Write Resistance: Poets Resist Gender Violence. The anthology is published by Blue Light Press in Nebraska. Editor Laura Madeline Wiseman describes the poets chosen for the anthology by saying, “The poets in this anthology intervene in the ways violence against women is perceived in American culture by deploying techniques to challenge those narratives and make alternatives visible.” In addition, Ann’s poem “Mrs. S” has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize after its recent publication in the 2012 Reckless Writing Anthology: Emerging Poets of the 21st Century.
November 26, 2012
Joshua Weiner has new poems and prose in the Los Angeles Review of Books, Brick, BODY, The Wolf (UK), and Manchester Review (UK). Last month he read new work at Poetry Hearings (an annual Anglophone poetry festival), and the Freie Universität, both in Berlin.
November 26, 2012
Congratulations to Kent Cartwright and Brian Richardson, who have each won semester Research and Scholarship Awards for 2013-14 from the Graduate School. Congratulations also to Lee Konstantinou, Jerry Passannante, and Scott Trudell, who have won summer Research and Scholarship Awards.
November 26, 2012
Sharon, a graduate student, received an award from College of Arts and Humanities for Designated Research Initiative Funds (DRIF) to support her research into sixteenth-century navigation technology this summer. Sharon was the Alexander O. Vietor Memorial Fellow at the John Carter Brown Library last year; her dissertation is titled "The English Mariner and the Man of Letters, 1492-1630: A Study on Early Modern Navigation and Poetics"
November 21, 2012
Linda Kauffman has been invited by Michael Hardt to present a paper at a one-day symposium at Duke University on March 21, 2013 in honor of Frank Lentricchia. The other speakers are Fredric Jameson, Anthony DeCurtis, Donald Pease, and Don DeLillo. The event is free and open to the public.
November 20, 2012
Edlie Wong's essay “Comparative Racialization, Immigration Law, and James Williams’s Life and Adventures" appears in this month's issue of American Literature 84.4 (December 2012): 797-826.
November 19, 2012
Bob Levine has recently presented his work on Frederick Douglass at Rice University, the American Studies Association, and the Frederick Douglass Papers at Indiana University.  He is also the co-General Editor of the just published Norton Anthology of American Literature: Shorter Eighth Edition.  Bob is currently on leave as a Guggenheim Fellow as he works on his next book project, The Lives of Frederick Douglass, which aspires to offer a cultural history of how Douglass’s life has been conceived over the past 170 years.
November 19, 2012
His term began in June 2012 and runs through June 2016. Congratulations, Michael!
November 19, 2012
Jeremy Metz' essay, "Reading the victimizer: Toward an ethical practice of figuring the traumatic moment in Holocaust literature," appears in the current issue (26:6) of Textual Practice. The article is available at http://www.tandfonline.com/eprint/RxFtPTgkmvq34EGPwDIe/full. Jeremy gratefully acknowledges the assistance of Professors Sheila Jelen, Jonathan Auerbach, Sangeeta Ray, and Zita Nunes in writing, revising, and submitting the essay.
November 19, 2012
Each year, Arts and Humanities departments nominate outstanding students for the ARHU Dean’s Senior Scholars Award.
November 18, 2012
Stephen Rojcewicz, a doctoral student, presented a paper on “Ovid’s Tristia 4.10 as a Dialogue with Catullus” at the 2012 Meeting of the Classical Association of the Atlantic States in New York City on October 5, 2012. His review of Thornton Wilder’s The Cabala was recently published on the Thornton Wilder Society Web Site at http://www.twildersociety.org/works/the-cabala/
November 17, 2012
Sarah Bonnie will be presenting her paper, "The Inside and the outside: A Theoretical Overhaul of the Exclusive Postcolonial Community" at the Hawaii University International Conferences on Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences this January.
November 16, 2012
Doctoral students Andrew Black and Jonathan Williams each presented research at this fall's meeting of the East Coast ASECS in Baltimore, which explored the treatment of infamy as a neo-classical trope in literature and the arts.
November 16, 2012
Alexandra Calloway’s photograph "Heart Lights" is on display as part of the juried art show "City Lights.” The picture is on display until Jan 12, 2013, and is for sale. The web link is not yet available, but should be shortly at cityofbowie.org. In addition, Alexandra had three pieces on display at the Bowie Center for the Performing Arts through the month of October as part of the celebration of Bowie artists. In October, Zahara Heckscher was a panelist at the Building Bridges Coalition conference about challenges facing international volunteers as they return home. The presentation was based on her book, How to Live Your Dream of Volunteering Overseas (Penguin, 2002), and her experiences volunteering in Zambia and Nicaragua.
November 16, 2012
An essay by Oliver Brearey, a doctoral student, titled "The Technological Paradox in Cormac McCarthy's The Road" will be published next month in The Explicator (volume 70, issue 4).
November 1, 2012
Stanley Plumly's poem "Autumnal" was featured on October 16 on the on-line edition of Garrison Keillor's "The Writer's Almanac."
October 25, 2012
Congratulations to Michael Collier and Emily Mitchell, winners of Creative and Performing Arts Awards from the Graduate School.
October 24, 2012
Sarah Pleydell, a long-time lecturer for the department as well as a writer and actor, has recently published Cologne, her debut novel about a 1960s London family on the cusp of great social change as they struggle with their memories and experiences of World War II.
October 23, 2012
Professor John L. Bradley, who taught in the English department in the late 1970s and early 1980s, died last spring.
October 23, 2012
The Society for the Study of American Women Writers added its endorsement of alumni Koritha Mitchell's book to that of the American Theatre and Drama Society. Congratulations!
October 18, 2012
Jessica Enoch and Linda Macri have been selected as Lilly Faculty Fellows by the Center for Teaching Excellence and the Office of Undergraduate Studies for 2012-2013. 
October 17, 2012
Read "Autumnal" here: http://writersalmanac.publicradio.org/index.php?date=2012/10/16
October 12, 2012
Ann Bracken’s poems “Mrs. S” and “More Rock Than Bach” will be featured in the "2012 Reckless Writing Anthology: Emerging Poets of the 21st Century." The anthology will be released in November and will be available through Amazon and other book retailers. The anthology is published by Chatter House Press of Indianapolis. Mark Fitzgerald read at the 18th Anniversary Celebration of the IOTA Poetry Series in Arlington on Sept. 9. Zahara Heckscher is teaching two classes this fall at the Writer's Center in Bethesda: “Show Don't Tell: Mastering the First Rule of Writing” and “The Writing Staycation.” Details at Writer.org. Daniel Pendick, executive editor of Harvard Men's Health Watch, is also a regular contributor to the Harvard Health Blog (www.health.harvard.edu/blog) and has launched two new social media venues, the "Medicine Man Dan" Facebook Group (www.facebook.com/groups/medmandan) and a ScoopIt site, "Men's Health in the Medical Journals" (www.scoop.it/t/men-s-health-in-the-medical-journals/curate).
October 5, 2012
Margaret Jaster, associate professor of English and Humanities at Penn State, Harrisburg, was a finalist for The American Shakespeare Center’s Words in Action Award. The award, presented annually on Shakespeare’s birthday, recognizes teachers from elementary to university levels whose approach to Shakespeare inspires students and personifies Shakespeare’s advice on being “great in act as you have been in thought.” Nominees are selected based on student recommendations and the quality of learning that students display.
October 2, 2012
Doctoral candidate Michelle Boswell was awarded a QCB Travel Grant for research at Oxford University's Bodleian Library in early October. Michelle examined the manuscript notebooks and papers of Mary Somerville, the most prominent woman scholar and interpreter of science in Victorian Britain. Michelle's dissertation chapter on Somerville studies her shift away from mathematics in her most popular work, On the Connexion of the Physical Sciences (1834). Michelle will also be investigating the influence of Romantic poets on Somerville's depictions of astronomical distance and planetary motion.