Kelly Cresap, “Archetypes in the Classroom: An Experiential Workshop”

October 2, 2013
1:30 - 3:00 PM
2115 Tawes Hall

Oct. 2: Kelly Cresap, "Archetypes in the Classroom"

This interactive workshop introduces participants to a dynamic, comprehensive system of four archetypes, or power sources: artist, warrior, magician, and sovereign.

Exploring these archetypes through brainstorming, physical movement, storytelling, and journaling, participants acquire tools for enhancing their teaching strengths, and for creating a more vigorously inclusive and engaged classroom. Combining cognitive, visual, aural, kinetic, intrapersonal, and interpersonal modes of intelligence, the workshop is designed to empower participants both personally as individuals and professionally as teachers and scholars.

Facilitator biography: Kelly M. Cresap, Ph.D., is an instructor at the University of Maryland’s Professional Writing Program, as well as an author, storyteller, workshop leader, and former NPR commentator. He earned his English doctorate at the University of Virginia, and coordinated the first Smithsonian conference on storytelling for personal transformation. He has presented four-archetype workshops at the Pentagon, the Smithsonian Institute, UMD’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion, Montgomery College’s Mental Health Department, and as a guest faculty at the National Speakers Association University.

Supported with a grant from the Center for Literary & Comparative Studies. Co-sponsored by the Center for Teaching Excellence and the Office of Diversity & Inclusion.

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