Q & A with Strange Things Await Author Jamila A. Stone

October 30, 2019
6:00 - 8:00 PM
2115 Tawes Hall
Join us in welcoming Jamila Stone to UMD and enjoy an intimate reading from her novel, get an exclusive Q&A session and have an opportunity to purchase a book on the spot and get it signed. This event is also a great time to network with other students at UMD and get a chance to personally meet Jamila Stone! Entry is free, but a $5 donation to support Sigma Tau Delta and our cosponsors English Undergraduate Association and African Diaspora Reading Group would be greatly appreciated. Light Refreshments will be provided! RSVP on eventbrite.
About Strange Things Await:
At Virtus Academy a boarding school for the supernatural, the students are not your average High Schoolers. They might go through some of the same social problems, these students are powerful and many dangerous. From vampires, witches, werewolves, and werecats these youngsters must learn how to navigate classes and other species who might on the outside of campus be a natural enemy.
Virtus Academy’s walls are going to be shaken up this year as they never have before. Not only do the walls have to contend with two young Sophomore witches (Natalie King and Alexandra Aurelius) who despise each other so much so they constantly wage war against the infrastructure, there’s a monster on the loose killing students.
Will these two witches who once were best friends rekindle that friendship in time to help each other through all that’s about to hit them this year? Or will they fail to unite even after a mutual friend of theirs get captured by the same monster killing students?
Jamila A. Stone
For more information contact: Sigma Tau Delta, Chi Tau Chapter (sigmataudeltaumd@gmail.com)