Historic Poetics Working Group: A Discussion of the Poets Frances Harper and Toru Dutt

October 15, 2016
10:00 - 12:30 PM
2115 Tawes Hall

Jason Rudy hosts scholars as they discuss poems by Frances Harper and Toru Dutt, listed below. Participants include Virginia Jackson (Irvine), Yopie Prins (Michigan), Meredith McGill (Rutgers), Michael Cohen (UCLA), Tricia Lootens (Georgia), Alex Socarides (Missouri), Max Cavitch (Penn), and Meredith Martin (Princeton). Each of the invited guests will speak briefly (five minutes only), and then the floor will open for a broader conversation.

Poems (available here):

  • Frances Harper: "Moses:  A Story of the Nile" (1869; 1889; 1893) and Sketches of Southern Life (1872; 1886):  "Our English Friends," "I Thirst," "The Dying Queen" and, in 1886, "The Jewish Grandfather's Story"
  • Toru Dutt: from Ancient Ballads: "Savitri," "Sita," "Near Hastings," "France--1870," "The Tree of Life," "On the Flyleaf. . . ," "Sonnet-Baugmaree," "Sonnet-The Lotus," "Our Causarina Tree"

This event is supported by a generous bequest from the estate of John G. Stringer.

For more information contact: Jason Rudy (jrrudy@umd.edu)